【Announcement】Re-update the detailed rules of Mengyuan Wang’s guarantee plan

The digital time of Mengyuan Wang corresponds to 10% of the equity interest in the encryption circle. The equity was held by MiaoA’s subsidiaries and was finally divided according to the digital time ratio of Mengyuan Wang held by MiaoA.

Mengyuan Wang will start the plan of Encryption Circle’s token private placement within two years.(Before November 12, 2020) At that time, the user can choose to convert Mengyuan Wang ‘s personal time token to the Encryption Circle token according to the ratio of the legal currency price of 1:1.5. If the user does not redeem the Encryption Circle token, then the user still holds the equity of the Encryption Circle.

Mengyuan Wang promised he will recover all unconsumed personal time at a premium of 30% on the issue price (legal tender price) if the Encryption Circle does not complete the release of the token within two years, or the token is issued and exchanged but the user holding the digital time of Mengyuan Wang is not willing to convert the digital time into Encryption Circle token.

Mengyuan Wang promised that if the return on equity of the Encryption Circle is greater than 30% within two years, MiaoA reserves the right to sell the shares on the open market on behalf of the users who holding the Mengyuan Wang time under any suitable conditions in the future.(Mengyuan Wang has the right to repurchase preferentially under the same conditions.) MiaoA will distribute all the equity proceeds and principals already sold to the holders of Mengyuan Wang time, and will withdraw Mengyuan Wang ‘s personal time from the market.

MiaoA Operation team