I cannot drop a table in Redshift. What’s going on and how can I fix it?


There are generally two main possible reasons:


I deleted my cluster. I couldn’t find my automated snapshots for my cluster in Redshift console. But I want to restore my cluster using the in the same region to a point in time using an automated snapshot. How do I do that?


First of all, automated snapshots…

AWSQuickSolutions: Learn to Tune Redshift Query Performance — Basics

This article is for Redshift users who have basic knowledge of how a query is executed in Redshift and know what query plan is.


How do I learn how to improve Redshift query performance?


The most useful tool when…


I want to secure my Redshift cluster by making it not publicly accessible. How do I configure SQL Workbench/J on my local machine to connect to the cluster that’s in a VPC and not publicly accessible?

Short description:

You will need to use a bastion host which is an…


I have a Kinesis Data Stream in Account A and want to use Lambda to write the data from the stream to a Kinesis Firehose delivery stream in Account B which then delivers data to S3.

How do I correctly set up IAM roles to enable such pipeline?

The above is the architecture



I want to SSH to my EC2 instance in private subnet via a bastion in a public subnet in the same VPC. But I don’t want to upload my private key for SSH to the bastion because it’s not secure. How do I do it?


Use ssh forwarding


How do I get a summary of a list of users who accessed certain schema and certain tables in my Redshift cluster on certain day?


There isn’t an existing system table or view that gives you all of the information mentioned above.

But STL_SCAN table can tell you…


Can you download and install a specific version of the Kinesis Agent? I couldn’t find the versions and exact downloading URLs documented anywhere.


Yes, you can. The current available RPM versions for Kinesis Agent are:


So to download a specific version, e.g. you run:

sudo yum install –y

Documented methods:

It’s recommended to use the latest version.


Running the following command on an EC2 instance hangs:

aws kinesis list-streams

Running the below network troubleshooting commands resolved to local ips:



VPC Endpoint for Kinesis is configured incorrectly


Go to AWS Console VPC -> Endpoints: Remove the Kinesis Endpoint

Note: If you want to learn how to properly configure Kinesis VPC Interface Endpoint, that’s for another post. :)

This tutorial assumes that you know the basics of S3 and Redshift.

“Redshift Spectrum can directly query open file formats in Amazon S3 and data in Redshift in a single query, without the need or delay of loading the S3 data.”

Define the Problem:

I have data in JSON format…

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