Mias Bug Sweeping Services in London

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Bug Sweeping London

At Mias TSCM Bug Sweeping, we provide the best service in tscm bug sweep throughout London & Scotland. We travel overseas to provide bug sweep services to our clients on the request. We are experts in counter-observation strategies/technical surveillance countermeasures that incorporate identifying and removing incognito reconnaissance and listening electronic devices. We will locate every single shrouded camera, hidden GPS tracking device units and sound recorders just as GSM bugs.

At Mias TSCM, we additionally offer the pro aptitude of giving an intensive examination of PCs and Mobile phones for any potential presence of malicious application and data leaks. This alternative is offered as a component of the Cyber Bug Sweep (TSCM investigation). You may likewise utilize this service independently. We involve the skilled use of specialist equipment and training which enables a comprehensive physical investigation of an area and a thorough analysis of the electromagnetic spectrum.

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