Diet programmes and fitness gurus are big business these days. And rightly so. We are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of looking after our wellbeing through what we consume and what we do to maintain our bodies in the best possible condition.

Some people have recognised that even foods that previously would have been categorised as healthy are not so great for them — gluten free and dairy free options are now readily available in shops. …

The Answers You Need, Not Necessarily The Ones You Want To Hear

How often have you been in a situation where you have asked what someone thought, their opinions or how they were feeling?

Fairly frequently, I guess. It is not an uncommon situation if you bump into more than one human a day.

However how many times did you hear exactly what you wanted to hear? How many times did you not ask that question because you knew it would lead to an answer that you didn’t want to hear?


Yip, that’s a fairly human answer too. …

Sometimes you just need to listen!

“I hate this” I thought as I tried to convince a potential client to take us on.

I passionately believe in what we do for people and organisations and having experienced us in his previous company this newly appointed COO also knew that we could seriously deliver.

Back and forward the conversation went, but time, time was his problem — no one had any time!

I left his office feeling deflated but then it hit me — I just hadn’t listened!

You see it wasn’t time he needed — what he lacked was an…

So what if we managed like “routers” in a “network” of empowered “nodes”…

I bang a drum about established change models not being appropriate for the digital age. And what better way to speak about management than to use a digital age analogy.

The story goes like this… Hierarchies are single points of failure. Decisions further up an organisation are binary. 0 or 1. It is one person’s choice. Decisions on the “shop floor” are generally democratic and adaptive. That’s right, people vote and the majority win. It’s analogue. The outcome can vary by degrees. In hierarchies the “top guy” has a vote and it’s binary. 0 or 1.

Now we know that…

It’s not how you say it, it’s what you say. The Queen’s Speech is out and we may have read it. But what are the themes contained within it? Using the Miascape Text Analysis system we fired the text through and below are the top 20 things mentioned. This is just one aspect of what can be done with Miascape Text Analysis. If you want to know rapidly what people are saying you need this.

Contact Matt Motion on 08700 421 340 to find out how you can get the full Miascape Analytics suite.

These are the top 20 things…

“Bin lorry cameras to combat rough sleeper deaths”, says a report made today by the BBC on Biffa’s Tim Standring’s initiative to prevent the inclusion of homeless people in collected waste. This is a great example of not making the problem bigger. Surely the issue is one of why homeless people are sleeping in the waste containers in the first place? I am not making a political statement just illustrating how we celebrate sub-optimisation of problems.

Dr Duncan Bury

Politics is interesting. It is management teams played out in the public eye and this week we had an amazing example of how disunity causes chaos with the Farage leadership news headlines.

One of the things I coach teams on constantly is argue, debate, challenge and explore in the privacy of your organisation, team or group in an open and honest way. Decide on the way forward and then communicate that alignment. Once the leadership group leave the meeting room, metaphorically and physically it is extremely poor practice for staff or your reporting team to be able to identify differences in the leadership team. Disunity leads to disengagement and disinterest; not to mention loss of credibility of the leadership team.

I am looking forward to the headlines next week.

Dr Duncan Bury, Miascape CEO

I’m not a brilliant gardener but I love cooking fresh, local — preferably home grown — produce. In my head I feel like I should be an excellent gardner. River Cottage fills my mental models as Hugh seamlessly mixes growing and producing with cooking and delivering to the table the dish that has it all — organic, fresh, nutritious, mouthwatering and occasion worthy!

It’s nearly Easter and, in my head, because I have the River Cottage book and because I bought some seeds, carefully selected from Crocus and Suttons, I should by now be standing in a veg and fruit…

Reaction. That’s what. Reaction is the single biggest reason that individuals, families, groups, teams, organisations and even countries don’t progress.

Have you ever really wanted to do something in your life? Maybe it was a new sport, a course on something that you are interested in or a new hobby? Maybe you wanted to pack in your existing job and start up on your own or move to a new country and do something different.

Did you do it? Do you still think about doing it?

I predict your answers were ‘no’ and ‘yes’. Gosh, I’m good! …

People who know me know that I am fairly into health and well being. I take food and exercise seriously both for myself and my family. I care about where and how food is produced and I am constantly questioning what is ‘good’ and what is ‘bad’ for me and my family. I also like to have a life so friends, wine, chocolate, crisps and humous make a regular appearance at my table. I am no saint!

So why do I do all of this and then insist on beating myself up when I feel I’ve been ‘bad’?

Because I…


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