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Mia Tango
Mia Tango
Apr 15, 2017 · 2 min read

I need to start from the beginning to tell this story well. I’m from a small-town in Ohio, and I’ve always loved clothes. My mom tells people she couldn’t afford to buy me designer jeans, but I wanted them so badly that I got a job at the local pizza shop. I think I made about $30 a week, and I’d cheerily invest it all at The Limited. Many things have changed, but my love affair with clothes has remained a constant.

IPO Roadshow 5 Months Pregnant with Twins

A few years ago, the exact nature of my love affair with clothes did, in fact, change. I got pregnant. And, I got pregnant while I was the CFO of a company about to embark on an IPO. I rushed out to buy professional maternity clothing for the roadshow. Then I rushed out to buy cute dresses, shorts and a bathing suit for a vacation.

And then I grew…
Out. Of. Everything.

After I had two wonderful baby boys, I found dressing myself post-pregnancy was even harder than dressing myself while I was pregnant (and don’t even talk to me about nursing clothes).

Baby A and Baby B AKA Tommy & JoJo

My body slowly made its way back to my pre-baby state, and my feelings for clothing took yet another sharp turn. I now despised my maternity clothes. I resented them just for hanging there, looking at me, taking up space in my closet, and I wanted to burn them.

As these stories typically go, my feelings left me with the idea that there had to be a better way. What if I could trade in my pieces when I was tired of them, or when the seasons changed? What if I could buy some things used rather than having to pay full retail for something I’m only going to wear for a months?

I started Mia Tango for women like me — women who love clothes and want to look stylish throughout their pregnancy. Women who crave variety and polish as much as they crave ice cream and pickles.

I hope you love it.


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