The Rose has yet to surprise us!

For a guy that is “so talented” it’s amazing how he fail to meet expectations every year. Injuries have definitely played a factor, but Derrick Rose has failed to live up to the hype when it matters most. Surprisingly, Rose has only made it out of the first round one time in his career, back in the 2010–11 season. Part of the reason Rose gets injured so often is because of his reckless playing style. Rose isn’t a distributing point guard like John Stockton that played for Utah Jazz, so he puts himself at a greater risk every time he drives to the basket. He’s a very exciting player, but Rose is just an average passer who averages less career assists than LeBron James does per game.

Rose, the first overall pick in the 2008 draft by Chicago, has played just three full seasons with his team, sitting out half of the 2010–11 season and all of the 2011–12 season due to injury. He has outshone nobody in most major statistical categories.

Make no mistake, Rose is an all-star NBA point guard. The man has strung together one heck of a career basketball resume and,however, I dont think that he has done enough to be on his way to the Basketball Hall of Fame when his career finishes.

Yes, he was the point guard of a team that earned a №1 overall seed in the 2011–12 playoffs, and he’s the recipient of an NBA MVP award. Fast foward five injury-plagued years later and, statistically, Rose has been good, not great, and certainly not the best of the best. When comparing Rose to a sports car, Colin Cowherd said, “He has lousy mileage, breaks down, and hard to fix. Derrick Rose, right now, can’t shoot, can’t stay healthy, and is an average defender.”

Now he is a Knick, starting his first season with rape case hanging over his head. It is always said that when your life off the court isnt going the way it should, then life on the court wont live up to high expectations. Undoubtfully, we will find out very soon if Derrick Rose can once again live up to the hype.

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