The power we all have but we don’t always see

There are people who believe we are powerless insignificant individuals in this world of millions of people.

There are people who watch things happen, thinking they are powerless.

But what is power? Power is not scale. Power is not about making a big impact. Power exists in the small little things you do every single day. You breathe power and you are the power in yourself. Power is you going through life.

But power is also you, going through life, with other people.

Make a difference to one person. For a second or a minute in his life. That is power. And that is your power.

We need to recognise we have the power to make the world around us a better place, no matter how small your power is compared to big corporations and big people. We are small, but we are powerful too.

We do not watch the world burn and do nothing. We choose to do nothing, thinking we can do nothing. But really?

We can, but only if we choose to.

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