So do not ever shame a black woman for announcing her pregnancy simply because you feel as if it is a personal attack on your own lack of pregnancy. Let black women celebrate maternity and pregnancy without flexing some shitty covertly racist insecurity.
This Is Why Your Critiques Of Beyoncé Are Racist
Lara Witt

I did read that article & I felt kind of bad for the author, but then again, she was projecting her own insecurities onto a person she doesn’t even know. She only knows the public persona of Beyonce, like we all do, but she & like many of us do not know what struggles she’s had besides her miscarriage it took for her to have her first baby Blue Ivy & these other 2 precious lifeforms coming shortly. I feel that the author that still has these hangups about her own tragic loss of baby should probably talk it though with her family or some one professional.

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