I don’t know who you are but this is a reminder that all White people aren’t bad.
LaKiesha Hall

That was beautifully written Ms. Hall. I thank you for taking the time to express what I could not gather together in my mind and formulate such a eloquent, and thoughtful response to Ms. Grattan. It is nice to know that there are some that “get it,” and pretty much have the same worries and anxieties that we as Women, but specifically Women of Color will have to endure. There has already been reports of Muslim women having their hijabs snatched off of their heads by angry White males, now there are stories of Black women and teen girls being called the N-word and are being assaulted across the country. We would be incredibly stupid to say that racism didn’t exist before Trump’s win; now because of his win, it’s giving these types of crazy individuals carte blanche to do whatever they want to whomever they want. This puts all of us as Women in very hostile and dangerous situations.

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