Hello. This is MIB Team.

Today we released new MIB Miner App for Control and Monitoring App. (Android)

To use MIB Monitoring App, it is need install new MIB Miner app for Controller on Github.

It can download the app and detail guide from the link below



This MIB miner app for monitoring designed only for mining farm users, therefore it include features such as auto-restart when MIB app goes down.

Please remind that an ordinary MIB mining users don’t use this app.

Thank you.

Hello. This is MIB Team.

Today, we released MIB Controller Monitoring App. (Android)

The MIB Miner Controller Monitoring Application allows you to monitor the status of miners and work on them.

To use MIB Controller Monitoring App and Controller App, you need to install the latest MIB Miner app on MIB website. (https://mibcoin.io/)

MIB Controller App and Monitoring App can be downloaded the link below.


Thank you.

MIB Mining App Update

Hi, this is MIB Team.
We have an update for MIB Miner App (Android).

1. Date of Update : 2pm October 7 2019 (UTC+9)
2. Updates
- Automatic selection of Pool depending on the default language of the smartphone when the user runs MIB Miner App for the first time
- Added German Language
- Added base-data collection process for distributed-computing system

Thank you

Hello. This is MIB Team.

We have issued the MIB Monthly Report for September.
This report contains our story about MIB Mining in Europe.

In contrast to Korea and China, MIB Mining has not been active in Europe for a while.
Now we have new MIB Mining Pool managers from Germany and Russia, and they are adding more springs into European Pools.

The new German Pool manager is also taking the role of the manager of Europe Pool, and he has started promotion activity toward the entire Europe.

Now we are appreciating more new MIB Mining users from Europe.


Mobile SmartX Blockchain platform. MIB is a Mobile-only Cryptocurrency and Mobile-only Blockchain Network Ecosystem that enables existing Cryptocurrency Mining

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