Want to earn a living working from home? You now have the chance thanks to miBoodle

Being able to work from home is something that many of us have dreamed about for a long time. Despite the fact that it’s now possible for many jobs to be done from home on a flexible basis, the arguments for and against home working still rage. Companies like IBM and Yahoo, some of the original innovators in flexible working are now bringing employees back into the workplace to foster a more collaborative environment. Other companies such as Apple and Amazon are doing the opposite and offer staff very flexible working practices including remote working.

Many of us are doing at least some work from home. Statistics from Pew Research indicate that 21% of Americans are online almost constantly and for millennials, this statistic jumps to 36%. Another survey from leading market research company Gallup indicated that 43% of Americans said that they spent at least some time working remotely in the last 12 months.

The reasons that people cite for wanting to work from home vary. The Gallup study found that 44% of women and 37% of men said that working from home would be attractive because they prefer to work at night. Another study found that nearly 50% of American workers would give up the corner office job and high salary to gain more flexibility in their schedules. With more and more jobs being suitable for being carried out at home and the increase of things such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality and automation, it really should be a no brainer for employers to consider letting people work more flexibility, especially as it has been shown to aid productivity. Unfortunately however, while some employers are embracing flexible working, many employers across the globe do seem to be dragging their feet. So if you would really love to work from home, what should you do, just wait until employers eventually catch-up with the benefits of letting their staff work from home?

Actually there is another option, and it’s called miBoodle.

With miBoodle, you could eventually earn your own living from home

miBoodle is a new platform, built on the blockchain that enables anyone with a social media account to become a web publisher and monetize their social media accounts. It’s completely free, safe, scalable and something from which over time, you could make a significant and scalable income from and enable you to enjoy all of the benefits of working from home.

How miBoodle works is really simple. Content is shared across your network and the more that this is read and shared, then the more money you get paid. Payment is made by Paypal or you can choose miBoodle tokens, the more of which you earn enable you to rise up the miBoodle platform’s tiers and increase the rate you earn. miBoodle is automated, which means there is hardly any time investment from you. Therefore you can potentially be earning 24 hours a day, seven days a week with very little effort. The more you grow your social following, the more you can potentially make. Eventually, you could be making enough money from miBoodle to be able make a good living out of it.

The great thing about miBoodle is that it doesn’t matter you’re from, how old your are or what education you have, as long as you have a social media account, money is there to be made. Rich or poor, miBoodle is a level playing field and could potentially change your life forever.