I have seen many diagrams explaining easy/hard tap zones on mobile interfaces. While I do believe these diagrams, they are mostly without any explanation of the analysis behind. Because of this I decided to do an experiment myself, measuring the time it actually takes to tap different parts of a phone’s screen. I expect there’ll be some correlation between the time it takes to tap an area and the experienced difficulty of tapping. More on this later.

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As observed by more UX practitioners, it’s normal for users to adapt the way they hold their devices to the interface of the app they’re currently using. But for this first experiment, so far, I’ve only tested single, right-hand use on an iPhone 5S. …

Did you ever present an awesome design concept to a group of stakeholders and then walked out disappointed? Disappointed, that they just didn’t get it? Did you experience your good concepts being put down while some of the so-so ideas received praise? Did the discussion just go awry?

To my knowledge, all designers have experienced these sad situations at some point throughout their careers. And some go through this again and again.

My experience is that most of these unlucky situations can be prevented through careful planning during the design process and framing the discussion right. …

Designing user interfaces for filtering content lists can be very challenging, especially when dealing with a lot of different parameters. Think of combining parameters like date range, content types and content statuses with keyword search. Good old and well-established design patterns do exist for this scenario. But now add small screens and responsive design to the mix: Great user experience faces big threats from factors such as decreased screen estate, clumsy fingers and variable viewing distances.

A View Mode Solution

As Daniel Wiklund (@danielwi) points out in his article “View mode” approach to responsive web design, off canvas navigation works well in responsive web design because it lets the user focus on the content, when browsing content, and it lets the user focus on navigation, when the user needs to navigate from a grander overview. …


Mikkel Bo Schmidt

UX consultant, UI dev. Ex-Designit, Made by Makers, 6 years at Tradeshift. Currently helping a handful of early stage startups becoming successful.

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