A framework to not lose your design battles

Did you ever present an awesome design concept to a group of stakeholders and then walked out disappointed? Disappointed, that they just didn’t get it? Did you experience your good concepts being put down while some of the so-so ideas received praise? Did the discussion just go awry?

How using browser extensions may improve the realism of your prototypes and speed up your design iterations.

As UX designers we’re often challenged to quickly mockup concepts that improve or extend functionality of an existing product or service. Sometimes making a few high-fidelity mockup images and evaluating these with the stakeholders just isn’t enough. You need a fully or partially interactive prototype.

Now, please note that it’s…

Mikkel Bo Schmidt

UX consultant, UI dev. Ex-Designit, Made by Makers, 6 years at Tradeshift. Currently helping a handful of early stage startups becoming successful.

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