Tired of the Hillary for America e-mail solicitations…

To the Campaign Manager At Hillary for America

Dear Robby, Robster, My Main Man: Ro,

Thanks for your e-mail asking me for money.

(I am not sure how you were able to contact me.) Perhaps you received my email address from Bernie. I supported his campaign with a monthly donation. He needed it. I believed in him. I also did not get canned e-mails from his campaign — except for one in the beginning — and I let the campaign folks have it.

If you want my money (and there’s not a lot of it), I want to know why you need it. And I don’t want to hear your sob stories or your drama .Don’t tell me you are going to lose. (That’s not what the NPR poll told me this morning. so I don’t believe it.) Don’t whine. Don’t try to scare me about a Trump presidency. Don’t brow beat me into coughing up my hard earned paycheck when I know you’ve got beaucoups bucks and more coming in.

Tell me how the campaign is using the money you are getting. I want to know where it is going to go. Don’t assume that I trust you to spend my money wisely. Show me the attack ad (or at least the story board for it) I will be paying for — like MoveOn does. Introduce me to the killer campaign aide you just hired in Florida. Show me the campaign worker’s beat up old Camry now filled with gasoline because of my donation. (Heck, you can send me the raw material for these and I’d be glad to create a running series answering demanding skeptics like me).

Stop marketing to me. I don’t want canned automatic solicitations from you. . . .Or if you are going to market to me, at least put some effort into it: Find out what my issues are. But really. Any e-mail pretending to Reach Out to me that is attached to a solicitation gets labeled as Spam: Bye-bye forever.

Want some ideas? Ok, I have a really hard time believing that you can’t find someone smarter than I who knows how to do this well. But, if you are really and actually not understanding this — and signs do seem to be pointing to some deficits in this area — I’ll gladly give you some suggestions.

Tell me about how you are doing more than just running a campaign. Show me how Hillary is using her influence to bring about change, even as she is on the trail. Is she donating those pantsuits to women who need something to wear to a job interview? (or better yet buying $400 pantsuits instead of $4000 pantsuits?) Is she writing postcards to working women and starting to deeply understand our lives? Is she going to the places in Mississippi, Iowa, Texas where it’s still 2009 — or worse, still 1920? Is she holding food drives for the folks in Louisiana who have lost their homes? Or better yet talking about how to hold feet to the fire of state officials who don’t adequately protect their constituents ahead of time?

Woo my liberal bleeding heart! It has just been jilted by 2016! I am ready for my rebound affair with Hillary. But she’s gotta at least look like she wants me. (Not everyone, not anyone, just me). Welcome to 2016 — the year of the Move-Me-Campaign.

Don’t tell me there’s no time. Don’t tell me there are other priorities. I have been sucking it up under the Priorities of Others for too long. This year, you’ve got to Move me. Change the model. Change what it means to campaign. Change the rules.

Until then, you aren’t getting my money.