This Guy On His Own Trip

So what exactly is ‘This Guy’s On His Own Trip’ about? How does it work?

Neeraj, on one of his trekking trips

What is the focus of the trips you organize?(Adventure/experience/sight-seeing)? Is it a niche group of avid travelers that you target? How do you market your proposition/get your customers?

What was that instance when you thought that the passion for travel can be converted into something lucrative? What was your inspiration behind the venture?

Neeraj, with his group of Travelers on one of his trips

Can you share with us a typical travel itinerary?

Can you share some of the most exciting moments while you travelled?

How did learning at MICA/b-school help you with your venture?

Who wants to be a Travel Blogger

Any message for the budding entrepreneurs at MICA?




MICANs, unite.

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MICANs, unite.

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