Vignettes of Poughkeepsie: Eveready Diner, Sunday September 2, 2017, 6:05 pm

Exterior of Eveready

As I approached the diner that has become so familiar to me during my time here at Marist, I stopped for a moment to take a few photos of its exterior for the purpose of this assignment. As I did so, two marvelously elder women strolled by while I held my camera up for composition. Just seconds later, one of them yelled, “Nancy!! She’s taking a picture!!” and pointed directly at me.

I laughed and assured them that they were not in the frame. “Take your time,” I said. They passed and I got my photo in a matter of minutes. My friend and I walked up the paved ramp and opened the door, instantly overcome with the scent of fried food and powdered sweets that we are so very accustomed to.

Lucky for us we were immediately seated in the crowded dining room — at a booth, our favorite! We were soon greeted by a waitress and her “waitress-in-training” and immediately placed our usual orders. Unlike most times that we come to Eveready, we had to wait. We waited and we waited and we waited and waited. The time seemed to pass at glacial speed.

We peered around the room and observed our fellow diners. Most seemed anxious and hungry, much like we did. A few tables stopped the waiters and waitresses that were circling the room, asking what was going on. From their body language we figured there must have been a hold up in the kitchen. The couple at the table next to us, however, was not in a hurry. They ordered side salads and they came almost immediately — leaving us jealous and even more hungry.

A diner relaxes while he waits for his meal

The two started off with martinis and eventually switched over to wine. They slumped into their seats, relaxed and tranquil. It was as if no one around them mattered and that the delay was nothing to be bothered about. With everyone in the dining room staring down each tray of hot plates like they were sharks waiting for prey, their energy was refreshing.

A few long minutes later, our sandwiches arrived. And they were just as good as ever.

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