The day I choose Cabify

Recently I went to Porto for a birthday of a friend. After arriving on Porto, in a conversation with one friend, the topic drifted to one of the issues of the day, taxis and competing platforms. He introduced me Cabify, a new service that arrived in Porto a few weeks ago.

The opportunity to try the new service Cabify arrived before the dinner when we decided to give it a try instead of going with underground to the restaurant.

After installing and set up a payment method on the app, a simple and quick process, I ask for a car to Avenida da Boavista to take us to the restaurant near Coliseu do Porto, the app gives automatically the price of the journey. A driver accepted my request in a few seconds, and a notification appeared with the name of the driver, mobile number, classification, and informations about the car, the brand, colour and car registration number, and the real-time position. 
After a waiting time of around 4 minutes the car arrived. A brand new car, clean, Skoda. The driver was dressed in a suit, and he was very polite.

Since that the driver could not start the trip in the app, because of some problem that day, he politely asked if he could call Cabify services, as he did to communicate the bug in the app. They told him to do the trip anyway, later this problem was again noticeable when the Waze change the destination to the pickup point in Avenida da Boavista.

The only less positive point in this first trip with this service was the fact that the driver has mistaken the route due to recent changes in the traffic that didn’t appear on Waze app. In the end, instead of the 4.5€ price previously showed, I paid only 3.5€. This trip in a taxi would cost much more in a taxi.

At the end of the night, we used again this service, this time, the car was a new Audi A4, and we paid again 3.5€ for a similar route.

In the next day, I and a friend used again the service, this time with a promotional code, where we didn’t pay anything. During the first ride of the day, I decided to ask the driver some questions, about how many time he was a driver, about the company, if the car were personal. He told us that he was a driver for three weeks and that Cabify was operating on Porto for around five weeks, with a ten drivers initially and that at the time of the conversation were thirty drivers working. He also told us that the cars were leased.

After this good experience, every time that I have the possibility to use Cabify or even Uber instead of a taxi I will do it. Is more safe, more controlled and the drivers are more cordial and polite and the cars more recent and clean.

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