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Your Stories Are Safe

My grandmother wrote somewhere between 11 and 14 books. It depended on the day and context of the story as to how many and successful they were.

Independent Board Members: Why?

The Importance of Board Structure

Over the past year, I have had five founder friends get fired.

Your Product Sucks; Stop Telling Me About It.

Easiest way to fail in your pitch.

Ok. You are in Stoke City. You got that meeting with that one investor that will make…

The Three Meeting Gambit

You are raising money wrong

The One Call Close.

Every entrepreneur walks into an investor meeting with the same thought:…

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What Makes You, Well, You.

Testing out Lifehacks, behavioral changes, and other things for two weeks at a time.

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The $200 Challenge

Why Maximizing Your Valuation May Be Minimizing Your Chance for Success

Every Saturday morning, I watch Shark Tank. I don’t think I’ve missed an episode, and have been lucky enough…

Die, Traction, Die.

There is no worse word to hear while fundraising.

“I love your product, but you are still a little early. Come back when you have some

Getting Back to the Beginning

There is a constant conversation about minimal living and digital detoxing among my friends. It’s something I have never understood. Each day, I spend hours…

Creating Lines Out of Dots

One of my best new practices, is to take a moment, every day, to reflect on the past and how it’s driving my future.

Person Hunt

Discover Interesting People and Yourself

Shivering, I was sitting outside waiting for a friend. We had lots to catch up on, so a little bit of a chill was worth…

The Science of Business Development

I originally wrote this in 2008. So a bit of an update.

Of all the roles inside of a company, Business Development seems to always be…