Why I like Programming

I want to pursue software engineering because I can make anything with just a laptop. There is nothing stopping me from building whatever I want. I enjoy this freedom. Other fields of engineering are restricted by equipment and infrastructure, while software engineering is only restricted by a computer.

I want to attend the Holberton School to learn how to build whatever I want. I learn best by breaking and building things. This is something that my formal education in college has been lacking. My computer science program discourages outside projects and doesn’t give me the opportunity to truly learn how I learn best.

This past summer I had a software engineering internship learning how to program in Scala and use web frameworks. I learned in 10 weeks as much as I did in my first year in college about software engineering.

I learn much better with a private mentor and in small groups. When I was in middle school and high school, I took private clarinet lessons because I loved playing the clarinet. I learned so much faster with a private mentor than when I took school band or orchestra. I feel that the Holberton School will help me learn much faster than my college. Large lecture halls don’t provide me with the hands-on experience to really learn.

I want to learn as much as possible to be able to build whatever I want.

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