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Wow Renee — your response is so incredibly hurtful, ignorant, entitled and condescending.

Lewis open heartedly shared some of the bullshit that all of us trans people have to go through every day, and your response is to chime in with more invalidating transphobic bullshit?!? Really?

As a 43 year old trans person, I am used to experiencing other peoples’ transphobia, and I was actually physically pained and shocked at the level of hatefulness you proudly spewed here.

You have no idea what it is like to be trans. Being androgynous and enjoying being mistaken as male is NOT the same. It is so ignorant to assume that it is. When you are trans, being misgendered is not something you “have a good laugh” about. Its fucking painful. that is Trans 101. That’s kindergarten level knowledge about us.

Its obvious that you have never been close to anyone trans or taken any time to learn about what life is like for us. I know HUNDREDS of trans people and we would all confirm that Lewis’ experience is the tip of the iceberg.

Its especially disgusting that you fall back on ageist condescension to make your points — I can assure you that trans people of all ages exist, “label themselves” as trans, maintain brilliant senses of humor, AND have to continue to struggle daily with attacks from people like you.

It may just be possible that there are whole realms of experience and oppression you know nothing about, because you are not the target. You need to realize how much privilege you have as a cisgender person and show a little humility when trans people — or people experiencing any oppression that you don’t experience — take the time to share parts of their life. That is a GIFT.

Lewis is one of the most kind and brilliant people I’ve ever met, and one of the most fun people to laugh with. You owe him an apology. I hope someday you educate yourself to realize how offensive your comments are, and change your approach

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