Growing up is so hard. Most people don’t realize that enough. A lot of time people feel as if no one understands them. They search and search to find meaning in their lives, but it is no where to be found. They pretend to be someone their not, to fit in with their peers, when really on the inside they are hurting really bad. This is a major problem in society, people, mostly, teenagers, should not be afraid to be who they are. It brings up the question, if someone likes something or someone and someone else already likes this someone or something, what do you do? Do you just try and forget about this person or thing and hold in your feelings, or do you fight for what you like and love? What if your heart breaks, what if, is such a strong question, that people ask themselves all of the time. Saying “ what if”, has to do with fear and insecurity. A person only lives once, he must get out of life the most he can. Life goes so fast, and a lot of it can be a struggle. We all just look for that one person or thing that makes us happy and touches our soul. Follow your heart, not your brain, it will guide you in the best direction, even when everything seems impossible to overcome.

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