The State Of JavaScript: Front-End Frameworks
Sacha Greif

No Redux? Honestly, I love Reactjs but it is not a framework; it’s a small view layer library. Redux is based on the Flux design pattern from the folks at Facebook and Redux implements Reactjs beautifully :) I’ve worked on large applications with both Angularjs and Emberjs; both essentially ignore state management and Angular specifically recklessly abandons any attempt at sane management of state with its mutable $scope and $rootScope. I’m still working out bugs from unpredictable states due to my ignorance on the matter and the promoted pattern of using $scope and $rootScope. $rootScope shouldn’t even exist. It promotes bad habits and creates nightmares down the road. It’s code pollution. Redux has some pretty cool capabilities like time travel and unidirectional data flow and their three principles assassinate many of the core issues in front end development. Check it out if you haven’t already :

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