Week 2: Walla Walla Bread Co.

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This is the end of the second week of my Good Food Experience. In case you are unaware, it is a multi-platform, fully immersive food experience. You can follow it on Twitter, Youtube, Snapchat (themicahhall), and here on Medium.

Pretty soon I will get to my review of Walla Walla Bread Co., but first I must update you on my weight loss success.

A graph of my weight over this experience.

Starting Weight: 219.8 lbs
End Weight: 217.4 lbs
Total Calories: 12465
Calories per Day: 1780.71

As you can see, my weight loss is going well and everyone is proud of me.

Before we get to the review, here is the video of all of the food I have eaten this week:

Walla Walla Bread Co. Review

Today I decided to attend brunch with my friends. It was a lot of fun and we bonded. Everyone laughed at my jokes and thought I contributed well to the group. They are my friends and do not talk about me behind my back. This morning, I decided to get the corned beef hash.

A photo of the Dutch baby.

The corned beef hash came with two eggs, prepared per my instructions, and potatoes on the side.

After we had sat down, the waiter got us all coffee and quickly brought out a complimentary Dutch baby for the table.

A Dutch baby is a type of German pancake. It is very eggy and quite good. This fostered a lot of good will among the group. The blueberry syrup on top was not too sweet, but it was very hot and burned everyone’s mouths. This was partially our fault because we ate it very quickly.

Then the corned beef hash arrived. It was pretty good. The actual hash was corned beef, pork belly, and spinach (maybe kale too, I forgot to check). It also had onions and a variety of spices.

It also came with potatoes on the side.

While the hash was good, it was almost entirely meat. I had approximately 1000 cups of coffee and I still had trouble passing this. The potatoes were well done, but they were hard to incorporate into the dish. I think I would have preferred them diced as part of the hash.

The eggs were cooked perfectly and added texture to the dish.

The waiter suggested using Vandal hot sauce. I wholeheartedly agree with his recommendation. It was a very good pepper sauce and it was not so spicy that I could not enjoy the flavor.

Overall, it was a very good experience. The free pancake was nice, the waiter was very friendly, and the dish tasted pretty good.

It was not the best corned beef hash I have had recently and the hash itself was a bit too rich.

I give the food a 7/10 and the experience a 9/10.

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