Week Eight: The End

This is officially the end of Micah Halls’ Good Food Experience, but it is only the beginning of a new multi-platform, fully immersive online experience.

I have been on a diet for eight weeks and I have lost 18.4 lbs. Here are some good stats about my weight loss.


Starting weight: 207.0lbs
Ending weight: 206.0 lbs
Total calories consumed: 14,200
Calories per day: 2,028

A graph of my weight over time.

This diet has been impressive and good. What happens next will be even greater.

I have found that posting everything I eat can get rather boring. I eat a lot of normal foods. So I shall be transitioning my blog to Micah’s Good Life Experience. It will show all the best moments of my life (so that you feel jealous) and also still show the exciting foods I eat (just not the boring ones).

Thank you for following me on my food journey.


Micah Hall, verified food expert