With my last ten dollars…
The Medium Writing Prompt

With My Last Ten Dollars

5 years to the day
after I professed my feelings for
my best friend
a warrant was issued for
my arrest.

5 years to the day
after I missed court for
our final anniversary
a new friend kissed me for
the first time.

It wasn’t the same.

If I had a dollar for every time I missed you,
I would be a rich man.

If I had a dollar for every year I’ve loved you,
I would have ten dollars.

If I had ten dollars I would give you five,
for the five years you gave me.

And I would keep five,
to buy a new pack of strings.

Maybe if I write a song you’ll find your way home,
Or maybe it’ll just help me feel less alone.
Maybe if I had just paid that ticket on time,
I wouldn’t have to put all my hopes on this rhyme.

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