A group of citizens are going to the state capitol next Monday to try and put a stop the teaching of evolution in the local university.

“I plan to lead a group of 25 dedicated christians to the state capital nest Monday to speak with legislator about this problem.” said Wilbur Straking, Pastor of the Ever-Faithful Church of the Living Water, and leader of the group of Christians. “We believe the teaching of evolution is against the principles of this Christian country, and we want to put a stop to it.”

Neither Laura Cliff, associate professor of biology, or the university president would comment on the group’s charges.

A suit against Amburn’s Produce Market was filed in Circuit Court was filed on Wednesday for $100,000.

Ellie Maston brought on charges of negligence against the produce market after she slipped, fell and broke her hip on April 1 after green beans had been left on the floor. according to Maston she had mental injuries, medical bills and a loss of income after the fall.

A worker’s strike of Ambrose Steel Company set for midnight Wednesday night has been canceled after a wage agreement was met between the company and local United Steelworkers.

Clyde Parris, president of Ambrose Steel Company, and Charles Pointer , president of United Steelworkers Local 923, will make a joint announcement later Wednesday detailing the terms of the agreement. It will not want to become official until the Union votes on the contract on the ninth.


The prosecuting lawyer of a malpractice suit collapsed of a heart attack in the middle of the court room and was saved by the defendant.

William Hamilton, prosecuting lawyer for the Riverside Hospital malpractice case, collapsed from a heart attack during the trial. The defendants, Barney Olive and Stephen Rogers, both rushed to his side and saved his life. Hamilton, 73, is revering at riverside hospital.

The University Alumni Association will be hosting a spring festival barbecue and exhibition baseball game in April as a fund raiser for the new school library.

The festival will include games and contests on the football field. The final date will depend on whether or not the baseball team makes it into the play-offs.

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