A Wild Snow Hike Appeared

Over this past weekend I got to go on a hike with some friends just outside of Lynchburg, VA. It was totally unplanned and that made it one of the best days I’ve had in a long time.

We were all eating lunch on Sunday and decided to go see the waterfall just outside of downtown. While this isn’t a long hike by any stretch of the imagination (only about 3 miles round trip) it took longer than expected with all of the snow. Also unexpected with the snow, how absolutely gorgeous it was.

Having Grown up in Florida I’ve never gotten over the excitement of a first snow fall and still that snow is can make anything gorgeous. Thankfully i brought my camera that day and managed to take some of my favorite pictures I have ever taken (shameless Instagram plug).

We hiked through the tunnel/cave that leads to the water fall, and icicles were hanging from ceiling. Seriously, icicles are the coolest thing ever. We finally got to the waterfall and, while not my first waterfall, it was beautiful.

the water just before the actual fall was still frozen, snow lined the banks, and there were actually a few snowmen scattered around. We than decided to take the long mostly un-worn path back which led us by a couple of abandoned buildings, Another thing I find really cool.

As we finished the hike we got in our cars and headed back to campus, grabbed coffee on the way, because of course, and went our separate ways. We worked on our homework or hung out with other friends but we all got to spend those few awesome moments together and for me, thats pretty cool.