How to improve VR ambience in 20 min

In my Last article about my Udacity VR Developer Nanodegree project I said I would:

  • Insert Navigational Way points
  • Put in some 3D models to develop the complexity of the app concept
  • Basic sounds triggered when approaching each exhibit display
  • Some other stuff!

Way Points

So I had a decision between rails, raycast and way points for navigation. Raycast increases control but might lead to confusion over gaze controlling which IMHO isn’t a great way to do reality computing. The thing I love about my company’s platform is that the headset uses your hands and at very least: controllers. Raycasting sometimes leaves a perpetual way point attached to your head set and that just seemed like something I did not want to redesign give limited time for this project

Waypoints for Navigation

3D Models

I just started elaborating on the Lucid Dream app concept by putting in a few flowers and mushrooms. It is beginning to feel surreal but this wasn’t the highlight of what I accomplished today.

Some 3D Models

Basic Sounds

I put simple sounds from on each way point along with a Google VR Audio Source Script leveraging their spatial listener that emits a sound on the right or left of your ears depending on your position relative to the waypoint. I wish I could play them here but to hear the sound for the Lucid Dreaming app just got to

Audio Settings

Some other stuff

I changed the photosphere to a panorama I found on google maps from the user Romeo Ostashko.

Louvre Photosphere

Then I switched the material and sharer on a plane to look like old tiles:


Next Steps

The project rubric is asking me to create:

  • 1 Video
  • Text for each display
  • Text explaining how to use the app

I’ll also:

  • Wireframe each app in a little more depth

Wrap up

I’ll probably spend some time thinking about how to adapt all this prototyping for AR, since that is my passion and job. In doing this you realize there are so many design decisions but such little time!

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