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In 2015 I set out to build Sightglass Capital Management with Founder and President, Brian Morrissey. My background is in technology, design, and startups. Brian’s is in private equity and commercial real estate. Our primary goal at the outset was to support area small business and startups through financial investment and consulting. Because of Brian’s unique experience in real estate, we had a particular interest in ideas related to this discipline. I have had the privilege of working with startups all over the world, and Brian has deployed millions and millions of investor capital in his career while building a few companies. We felt there was something to be made of this experience together.

Over the past two years, we have developed a team with a very diverse skill set. Our functional teams often included graphic design, front-end code, and lawyers. We’ve worked on many projects, some of which I can’t quite discuss yet as they are still in the works with very long tails. We’ve made a few investments, though not as many as I had anticipated. We’ve worked with some great local companies from real estate leaders like Tetrad and White Lotus to community leaders like Interface Code School and Dynamo. It’s been a pretty exciting few years that started as a coffee conversation, transitioned to a side hustle, and became a full-time engagement.

During this season I’ve received a recurring question: “How does Sightglass solve business problems?”

This question was presented in different ways by different people. I hear, “What do you actually do at Sightglass,” or more bluntly, “I don’t understand Sightglass.” This question has driven me to work at clarification. I have known for some time that Sightglass is confusing. What made sense two years ago over a simple cup of coffee has become more complicated and diverse. It changed as it grew to meet the opportunities at hand. Growth has a tendency to complicate things. We’ve added clients, made investments, responded to requests, traveled the country, and things have evolved. Don’t get me wrong; it hasn’t all been growth. In fact, many things we wanted to grow have fallen flat. Stewarding growth and change well requires each of us to make challenging decisions. That brings me to the announcement that I’ll be spinning off my consulting work on strategic communication from Sightglass. I’ve launched a new company, Method Mark.


Over the past two years, much of my work has been with strategic communication. This would include brand strategy and digital marketing. That isn’t the exact work I set out to do, but it’s work that I enjoy. Some time ago I noticed that many companies need two things: clarity and capacity.

I’ve been working to solve this pain point over the past few years. I believe entrepreneurs and innovators often have the answers, they just need the right structure and facilitation, with a little dash of direction, to solve a problem. Method Mark brings an understanding of financials, sales, digital systems, product, culture, leadership, and design to a challenge. Method Mark can look across an organization with diverse expertise and find the connections. We can ask intelligent questions with real understanding. We don’t have all the answers, but we often know where to find them.

Further, I’ve created structured deep dives over the past few years that I now offer through Method Mark. We have over a dozen workshops that range from 1 to 2 days. These provide business leaders productive, focused, strategic exploration resulting in coveted clarity. I never want to waste a leader’s time. I prefer to dive deep together, facilitating exceptional exploration, and then let leaders get back to work while I digest and disseminate the information.

With a diverse skill set and strategic expertise, Method Mark solves the need for clarity around brand and communication.


None of us will leave a mark on this world without executing our ideas. Too often great concepts are left on the shelf as leaders get pulled towards the urgent. There simply isn’t enough capacity left to execute. I’ve seen this so many times over the past few years, so I developed a capacity building product. This membership product provides business leaders month-to-month execution from the Method Mark team to make strategic ideas happen. Our work might include digital marketing, communication pieces, product testing, and prototyping. I believe ideas are worthless without execution. With Sightglass, I’ve had the great opportunity to assist companies as they execute their ideas. I want to focus on this even more, and Method Mark will allow me to do just that.

Over the past two years, I’ve helped companies launch new websites on Wordpress so we could start bringing their custom tools and original content to the web. Our team has created pitch decks that have raised millions of dollars in investments for multiple companies. I’ve worked with leaders to build digital content strategies that include video, e-mail, copywriting, and motion. All of these projects started with strategic engagements to define and clarify the need, but we didn’t stop there. At Method Mark, I want to make ideas real.

With a diverse design team, Method Mark solves the need for execution.


The foundational concept of Method Mark is that great, original, content wins the day. We believe even a terrible website can perform relatively well with great content. We have a bias towards action. We exist to ship ideas. We want to help clients create quality content in a repeatable way. Method Mark isn’t here to create amazing art. Art doesn’t have the burden or usefulness. Our goal is design exceptional content and experiences that drive business results.

I feel blessed that I’ve had the opportunity to help others define ideas and move them forward. It’s what I love to do, and what I hope I will continue to do. Method Mark is the next iteration in my journey to help others execute their ideas. I hope you’ll join me!

(I’m ramping up a lot of things quickly. The Method Mark digital footprint is minimal right now. More to come very soon: methodmark.co)


So, what does it look like to work with the Method Mark team? One of our membership clients is Dynamo. If you don’t know about this company, get to know them! They are doing great things in our area, and their team is full of good people. They’re a blast to work with. After completing some initial user interviews and strategic workshops, Method Mark launched an e-mail newsletter called The Current. We execute this e-mail each week. (You should probably subscribe to it here) The newsletter continues to see organic reader growth each month and outperforms the industry average open rate by over 700% and click rate by over 60%.

We also wanted to create more engagement on social channels, specifically through social media. Method Mark helps develop assets each week and owns the process of researching and sharing 3rd party content that we feel would add value to our audience. We’ve seen increases each month in both audience size, reach, and engagement without using paid promotions. In just 3 months the Dynamo Twitter account has seen impressions double, profile visits triple, and website referrals rise over 100%. This is organic growth through interacting with the audience and working to share useful content.

In our research, we felt there are stories to be told about local IT professionals and their side hustle. We’ve launched a video series and will be executing a monthly story. Our first video launched on the weekend that Creighton Basketball entered the NCAA Tournament. The second video is currently in production. The video was uploaded natively to Twitter and Facebook for better engagement. Dynamo is excited about the opportunity to highlight what others in the community are creating.

And of course, the Dynamo culture is important. We need to share the values of the company by giving the audience a look inside the daily operations. Method Mark executes simple and effective pieces to help celebrate the amazing team that Dynamo has.

Maybe Method Mark could help you execute as well? Let’s get coffee. micah(at)methodmark.co

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