Idoru is Inclusivity

Idoru is building the new OS for self-expression; an entirely new toolset for you to create and experience yourself with. We’re starting with your literal self — an avatar creation app that enables you to build a hyper realistic digital-you, detail and style them, and create content with them to share across your socials.

At Idoru we believe that to express ourselves — to experience that expression — is to be real. To see yourself as who you know yourself to be can be incredibly healing and is absolutely empowering. An avatar done right is the ideal form of self-expression. It’s one we all intuitively understand; it communicates culture, taste, mood; and it’s an irresistible medium for play, experimentation and discovery. Everyone has been held back from embodying their full selves in some way, and some far more than others. With Idoru we see an opportunity for us all to be who we really are.

The key for us is inclusivity. Our goal is for Idoru to be your true digital self. Not a toy or a character, but your digital reflection. When you can connect with your avatar, hold your digital-you in your hand, you can experience and even feel through it. Realism, deep customization, bodies of all shapes, sizes and builds, hair of all different textures, a full range of natural skin tones and skin conditions, all together create the magic that make this possible.

The next step is style; in particular, brands that push culture forward. When at their best brands act as super-saturated touch points for expressing values and signaling to community. They can say so much about who we are, in a language we can all feel. To capture that potential, we’ve assembled an incredible roster of fashion and cosmetics brands and bundled them into Idoru — all free to access — to style your avatar with. These partners are values-aligned, and all BIPOC-, LGBTQIA+- and/or woman-owned.

A core reason we’re creating Idoru is to have a positive impact on the mental health of our users. To ensure we meet our goals, we’ve assembled an impact advisory board of leaders across youth wellbeing and impact to help guide us, and in partnership with Hopelab have created an impact pathway to measure our progress.

Our digital landscape is going through the growing pains of what, if approached with intention and care, has the chance to be a freeing, enriching digital world that accentuates our lived experience and welcomes all. Idoru avatars are our first reach for this future. We’re just getting started :)

Idoru’s first public beta is available in the App Store now.



Building unlocking the power of a digital self for everyone through 🔮 Art / Tech / Education

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Mica Le John

Building unlocking the power of a digital self for everyone through 🔮 Art / Tech / Education