If Biden is not up by more than 6% in the published polls, he is, in reality, probably behind.

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It started on October 12. President Trump began his sprint to the finish line. Trump’s three-week strategy recognizes that elections are generally won and lost during the few days right before election day. Because of all of the early voting, the few days now means a few weeks.

Trump did get sidetracked by the Coronavirus. But as a strong leader routinely does, he confronted the virus head-on. …

Biden said of the 56%, “They probably shouldn’t vote for me.” They likely won’t.

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The Gallup Organization recently released a poll where they asked Americans how they feel about their circumstances today.

Even with the COVID-19 virus, the resulting deep recession and the ongoing division surrounding the upcoming elections, the majority of Americans feel better off today, when compared to four years ago.

The poll found 56% of Americans say they are better off now than they were in 2016 when Obama-Biden were in office. …

Americans must vote for the policies that benefit the country. We can’t vote for the nice guy with the bad policies.

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Most polls show Americans are favoring Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden over President Trump. To ensure a prosperous and safe America, voters must choose Trump’s policies and not Biden’s.

Polls also show that the economy and national security are the top concerns of voters. It is Trump’s policies that have led and will lead to a stronger economy and a more secure America.

On the economy, Trump spent the first three years of his presidency returning to the principles that made the country great. Historically, the US went from the birth of a nation to the largest, most prosperous economy in the world in about 150 years. …

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