I will become…

Oct 16, 2016 · 2 min read

Our decisions today will eventually define us. So, to help guide my decisions today, I want to define who I’d like to become.

a person:

  • who finds a way to be brutally honest with himself & others — and discovers ways to share this honesty in a caring manner.
  • who finds a way to leave a positive impact on the universe before exiting it — because he is grateful and knows there’s purpose in giving back.
  • who doesn’t take life too seriously — who takes time to laugh, play & dance….and who says yes to curiosity in books, writing & discussions instead of binging on Netflix.
  • who takes care of his body & mind — both his body by eating the right things / exercising and his mind through meditation, relaxation and art…and is not too proud to seek help when he needs it.
  • who is willing to listen to his gut telling him “just do it” or “it’s time to leave” or “slow down, there’s no need to rush an answer”.
  • that cares for others & makes time to invest in building meaningful relationships with the right people (and is okay breaking off relationships with the wrong people).
  • that consistently is learning and exploring — traveling, talking, listening, studying, and reading to better understand the world.
  • that seeks truth by being open to what others say, but questions the bullshit that most spew.
  • that realizes cash is there to set your free from compromises — not to buy big houses, nice cars, trophy women and fancy clothing.
  • that wakes up excited to be alive and is the most optimistic person in the room.

and a person:

  • who knows that he will fail to live up to his own expectations, but doesn’t overly stress about it — who simply realizes that, like happiness itself, the aspirational self is not a destination, but a pursuit.

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