How to Set Up Your MyEtherWallet — A Guide By MICE (마이스코인 마이이더왈렛 셋팅)

Apr 15, 2018 · 2 min read

What is MyEtherWallet?

MyEtherWallet(MEW) is an intuitive and user-friendly Ethereum wallet. It allow you a user to transact Ethereum (ETH) as well as other ERC20-based tokens. It also allows for the user to store there tokens as well. MICE’s native token will be an ERC20-based token and will be fully compatible with MEW.

Step 1.

It is very important to always note the website URL and make sure it is the correct site by checking the SSL certificate.


Step 2.

언어선택 (한국어)
마이이더왈렛 지갑생성
다운로드 Keystore File (UTC / JSON) / 저장
Private Key 저장 및 종이 지갑 인쇄
지갑파일 선택하기 Keystore / JSON File 선택
내컴퓨터 또는 USB 등 저장한 Keystore / JSON File 선택
비밀번호 입력 / 로그인(잠금 해제)

Step 3.

개인 지갑 주소 및 정보 확인 / MICE 커스텀 토큰 추가하기
MICE 정보 입력하기

Token Contract Address(MICE 주소): 0xef0dd462a51be89a6f048613e5f458bcf7a30c15
Token Symbol(기호/심볼): MICE
Decimals(소수 자릿수): 18

MICE 등록 확인 완료

You can now access your wallet using your private key or KeyFile. Your wallet will show your address, which you can use to send and receive Ethereum, ㅡMICE(마이스코인) and other ERC-20 tokens.


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