100 most popular courses on Udemy in 2017 — $10 all courses in 2 days

Udemy is the largest community of online learners with nearly 14 million people in 196 countries. So far they have had 14,000 instructors taught in 48 different languages. Not to mention the number of enrollments increased by 30% to 27,046,643 students in 2016.

Their fastest growing categories by enrollment were test preparation; IT & software; languages; photography; and development/coding.

When learning on Udemy, you don’t need a subscription to access a course you like. So you don’t have to worry about paying any yearly (or monthly) fees. Also, all the courses are reviewed, which is a good way to decide which course to purchase.

In addition, I have compiled a list of 100 most popular courses on Udemy from 15,000 new courses published in 2016/2017.