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This is just propoganda for the NWO globalist political agenda to infiltrate markets and increase trade, and for totalitarian world government to get a hold. If you look at LiveGen daily energy mix you will see that solar and wind do not provide base load and rely on fossil fuels/nuclear for base load anyway. They involve mega transmissions and super grids and have to be replaced in 20–25 years. Tesla came up with a battery to power 1500 homes, estimates for UK base load from batteries from 300-$600 billion and whence no viable which is why it already hasn’t been done. For your cause to reduce plant food we are seeing worldwide deforestation for hydro dams(least carbon intensive energy), for growing demands for biomass wood pellets green power from logging native forests renewable energy targets, and more deforestation for growing investments in Biofuels from Palm Oil. HAARP? Worldwide fracking for climate change? Cloud seeding for hydro production? Price of energy in Denmark, Germany, Spain, and Australia?

As an idea of the area and transmissions required for a small % of energy mix from renewables the UK sourced 18% Nuclear in Jan this year.

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