Your smartphone is by far the best camera you own. For one, it’s the camera you always have with you and the one you turn to the most for capturing those everlasting memories. Smartphones today take great pictures compared to expensive DSLR/Mirrorless cameras. The detail gets better and better every year with the new phone models. This year’s iPhone 7 main selling point is its use of its 12MP with optical image stabilization camera. It even introduces depth of field mode where it can give a nice effect of bokeh in the photo. Googles Pixel is another smartphone that promised phenomenal pictures by considering itself the best smartphone camera out. So can these promising smartphones reign supreme over your expensive DSLR/Mirrorless?

Of Course, Photography is about telling a story through composition, not by how tack sharp a photo is. Capturing the moment is the most important aspect of photography. Having a camera that is convenient to use is one of the many positives of a smartphone. Nowadays, with shortcuts to open the camera app instantly improves the chances of getting the shot you want.

Another reason a smartphone can be your goto camera would be the bulk that the DSLR/Mirrorless camera will bring. They are a lot heavier than your phone and are usually carried around in a camera bag. Along with the camera, most photographers have a wide assortment of lenses. So it’s not ideal that you could have this on your person at all times to get the shot.

One of the main reasons to use a smartphone would be there’s less thought process in using the camera. Point and shoot are the main focus. DSLR/Mirrorless require you to tweak the setting and possibly make you change the lens to get a better shot. More thinking and less doing when using your expensive camera.

Finally, the best feature would be the ability to share your picture quickly with the world through your social media. When you capture the perfect memory you can instantly edit your photo through one of many photo editing apps. Lightroom mobile is my go to for editing photos. After some quick edits, the photo is now ready to show off through one of your many social networking apps.

So will the image quality of a smartphone beat that of your DSLR/Mirrorless? No. Will it give you image quality that is just as good with the added convenience of it being with you all the time? Yes. That with the addition of learning some basic photography tips it will be hard to tell if the image was taken with your smartphone of fancy DSLR/Mirrorless.


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