A feature in review — Express Checkout

What is Express Checkout?

Our vision was to speed up the buying process as fast as one click for as many customers as possible.

Concept and Wireframes

The old User Flow consisting of 8 steps
The new User Flow puts the speed where we need it most: in the basket.
  • Log-in Status: do we know this user already?
  • Previous payment method: does it equal RatePAY?
  • Basket limit: is this order eligible for payment with RatePAY?
  • Addresses: do we have everything that we need here?
When you really need a football, but only have 10 seconds to order it.

Implementation & Stats

Furthermore, Express Checkout outperforms the normal process by 10%

We’re pretty good already — Express closed that gap even further.

Further Iterations and Implementations

Express Checkout in Review

  • More speed: Users can place their order in as fast as 10 seconds.
  • Less friction: It’s not one but two clicks to order without filling any forms again.
  • Fewer errors: The system only accepts validated addresses — so no more typos that can cost days in delivery.
  • Conversion increase: for those that use Express Checkout we see a 10% higher CR.

What I learned from this review




Product designer and author of the first german compendium on Sketch.

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Micha Wiebe Kafka

Micha Wiebe Kafka

Product designer and author of the first german compendium on Sketch.

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