Psychological Impact On Employees: Caused by Covid-19 Pandemic

  1. Don’t be personal: Firstly, one’s dis-continuation of service is purely a professional job. And one should not take it personally
  2. Exit with a good relation: I would like to suggest to those staffs who unfortunately lost their job that please never leave the company with a bad relationship with your immediate supervisor or boss, factory head, HR Manager, etc. Because if you try to join new company and if they need reference, there is a high possibility that they might call them and ask about you. In that case, no one is going to tell any good about you and you might miss the opportunity.
  3. Build network: Building a good and effective network with your old friends, your seniors, relatives, teachers, job agencies, etc. is highly recommended because they could assist you in finding new opportunities. In addition, social job site like LinkedIn is way more popular and good maintenance of such networking site is highly recommended. Brushing up your resumes and CV also helps a lot.
  4. Positivity: Always try to surround yourself in a positive environment. There is a term in computer science “Garbage In — Garbage Out” that quiet resonates here. If you take negativity inside your mind, you are not going to deliver positive results. Hence, always be with positive people, watch positive videos, read powerful books, etc.




HR Professional

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Gobind Regmi

Gobind Regmi

HR Professional

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