Video Game Aesthetics & The Never-Ending Past

Synthwave. Neon. 8-bit. Classic. Retro. Revival. Remake.

What’s old is new again. History repeats itself. Fashion is cyclical.

However you’d like to put it, and whatever cultural sphere you find yourself in, there is some adage remarking on how something from the past has once again found relevance.

Nostalgia rules pop culture, because the culture industry knows how powerful the emotions associated with this longing for the past are. These feelings can be so strong that, at one time, suffering from nostalgia & homesickness was considered a medical condition that could be fatal. In 1688, Johannes Hofer first attempted to…

Michael Lee

Freelance Writer from Vancouver, BC. With a Masters from NYU in East Asian Studies, I spend my time researching anime, manga, and video game fandom.

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