I Was a Men’s Rights Activist
As Told to MEL

It’s true, feminism acknowledges that men are being harmed by the traditional gender role that is expected of them. The problem is that feminism has failed to do anything about it. Feminist “solutions” to this problem, for example, making boys wear dresses and play with dolls, exclude male perspectives. Women fail to see that male taunts “policing masculinity” are a part of male team building; weak members of the team are hazed because the weak member can jeopardize the team. The question is how do we throw out the bathwater without losing the baby. Feminists also tend to underestimate women’s role in policing masculinity.

And then comes the real kicker. Attempts by men to create a theory that reflects their perspectives, and find solutions acceptable to men and not only feminists, are dismissed as “misogynist” and “anti-feminist”.

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