Apple Mail was buggy, gave Outlook for Mac a try…NOBODY IS DOING THEIR JOB!

So, our institute is using, of course, a MS Exchange server for their mail business. And I have to admit, there’s one thing that really works pretty cool with it and that’s reserving a meeting room. The way it is implemented is that a room is a virtual contact that is invited to a meeting and if that “room contact” has no collisions, it auto-confirms your “booking”. So far, I was only ever launching Outlook for Mac for just that: booking a room and/or checking a room’s availability. But then, last week I met some really nasty bugs with Apple Mail:

To save space on my little Macbook Air, I switched in Apple Mail from automatically downloading attachments to never automatically downloading them. Well, it stopped downloading them alright, only problem was, that they were not even correctly downloading when I asked for it! Something really weird started to happen, with download progress indicators showing somethings 700 kb out of 350 kb downloaded and stuff like that. Ugh! But wait for it… I then switched automatic download back on, to “work-around” that bug, but guess what: The emails that were in that limbo state, of course staid in that limbo state, rendering all affected emails with attachments useless for me, because I couldn’t get to the attachments. Double UGH!

So, this madness drove me so mad that I did the unthinkable: I gave Outlook for Mac a try. :-/ Well, can’t be much worse, right? Wrong.

First oddity I noticed was that my own BCC copies looked like from the 80ies, with a very plain font. Pardon me, that I prefer NOT to write HTML emails, wasting internet capacity with superfluous control characters. But that is no reason to “punish” me with a monospaced font like in “Wargames”!

Next up, unbelievable really in the 21st century: When one replies to an email and would like to quote some lines from the email you reply to, you know, like what happens in 90% of all emails ever written (!), there’s a gracious INDENTATION ONLY of the quoted mail!?! WTAF?? No quoting character, no quoting vertical line, and yes, for quoting I even would agree that an HTML email can be looking rather fine and more readable, but NOO, us Mac users don’t deserve a properly working mail editor that actually deserves its name and quotes the email properly that I’m replying to. This of course works Outlook for Windows, but on Mac, it’s still a FEATURE REQUEST!!! Can you believe it?? 2017?? Hey, Microsoft, 1995 is calling, they want their mail editor back!

But then, to top it all off:

From Apple Mail I’m used to do at least most of the times the right thing, and in this case this means, when I’m replying to a BCC of a conversation that I started (or have not received a reply yet) that the To: field will be the same that I used before, because I just have something more to say that I forgot in my previous email. Why would I reply to myself, right? RIGHT??

Well, not so with Outlook for Mac. I had an email to my business admin this morning and when I noticed that I forgot to attach a document, I replied to my previous BCC to send her the missing document. Then I thought that’s done. Well, imagine my surprise when the business admin later in the afternoon complained that she has to delay finishing my subcontract until Monday, now that I didn’t send her that missing document… Feverishly I searched my inbox to find out what happened, and there it was: Nice and shiny, a bloody useless reply to myself, including the missing document. I of course had received a new BCC again for it. Outlook, without a warning, just send an email to the same address it was sending from. Wow. I’m actually speechless now.

So guess what, I rather work with Apple Mail, that’s at least most of the time really useful, I just shouldn’t get any ideas apparently and change any of the default settings, because then nothing works, but hey, I just can buy a new Macbook with more hard-drive space, right? It’s not like Apple is doing that on purpose or anything…

If there’s any email client out there for Mac that does all the above correctly, please let me know in the comments!