How can Governments succeed?

In economic jargon that means enhancing the productivity of the public sector.

So why doesn’t this happen systematically all over the world? What’s the problem?

Of course, it is right that the Treasury should count the pennies — someone has to — but that should surely not be its only focus, even in hard times.

It suggested a new basis for dialogue between the Treasury and departments, one based on the outcomes being delivered as well as budget allocation.

The Treasury or Finance Dept has every right to demand both marginal gains and disruptive innovation from every spending department.

I am arguing we can and should do much better. We could seize this moment to change course — cultures can and do change. For something of such significance, however, I’ve also argued that it cannot be rushed at.

While the media and most politicians are of course totally focused on Brexit and its consequences, it is important for public servants not to miss this radical reform.



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Sir Michael Barber

Sir Michael Barber

Founder and Chairman at Delivery Associates and Chair of the Office for Students . Author, How to Run a Government, (published by Penguin 26 March 2015).