South City Housing Authority — December 19th 2015 — Visuals by Raven Fox

2015 Recap and Chart

2015 was an awesome year for me. I proudly played support for some of my favorite artists touring through the midwest and got in deep with awesome clubs and crews from all coasts.

One of the highlights for me had to be when Brandon B and I were doing a back-to-back set opening for James Murphy. We we’re originally booked for an hour set. Halfway through our slot, management taps into the booth and asks how long we can carry things, “Mr. Muphy’s flight was delayed.” We ended up playing an extended two and a half hour set to a very thirsty crowd that night.

But nothing comes close to celebrating my birthday December 19th, with the South City Housing Authority party. We took over a basement chapel of Sk8liborious, also known as St. Liborious Church.

This cathedral lives in Old North St. Louis just on the outskirts of downtown. The first floor has been converted to a skate park. We commandeered the room for the evening and set our booth up at the top of a pulpit. Raven Fox blessed us by pumping out and mapping 20k video in the century old cathedral and we raged until sunrise.

2015 Most played Artist — Huxley

(Photo Credit — Beth Crockatt)

It’s kind of obvious … I’m in love with Huxley. Steadily releasing on Aus, 2020 Vision, Hypercolour amongst other famed house labels, Huxley is an overflowing well of new music that I can’t get enough of. His sound is the perfect mix of moody basement and gritty grooves and there is no question that it pairs well with a St. Louis dance-floor.

Honorable Mention – Alex & Digby

There are tracks that are so deep, so good, so heady, that they can only be played in the absolute perfect environment and for a properly seasoned crowd. Alex & Digby got dropped on me by my eternal homie and selector extraordinaire, Grant Nikseresht. 10 seconds into the first track he played for me, I had to know who it was. “Man this is dope, but almost impossible to play out,” I said to him nodding my head. It found air at the finale of my set for the FutureExWife party and melted everyone in the room.

Make sure you check them out.

Top 25 artists I played out in 2015

(sorted by plays)

  1. Huxley (6)
  2. Ethyl & Huxley (5)
  3. Blawan (4)
  4. Ejeca (4)
  5. Pan-Pot (4)
  6. Mosca (4)
  7. Aphrohead (3)
  8. Audion (2)
  9. Chaos In The CBD (2)
  10. Detroit Swindle (2)
  11. Fabio Giannelli (2)
  12. Joeski (2)
  13. Kenny Brian (2)
  14. Kink (2)
  15. Maceo Plex (2)
  16. Matthew Dear (2)
  17. Mr. G (2)
  18. Nina Kraviz (2)
  19. Tornado Wallace (2)
  20. Zepp001 (2)
  21. Genius of Time (2)
  22. Alex & Digby (2)
  23. Bicep & Ejeca (2)
  24. Boris Ross & Jeff Moore (2)
  25. Seth Troxler (2)

Thank you all so much for the love and support in 2015. I can’t wait to see you on the dancefloor soon.

Love Always, 
Michael ❤️

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