Dear Kant

Dear Kant,

So my boyfriend used to be literally the nicest guy. He would always act like the perfect gentleman, so rational, as if somehow he willed that everyone acted that way. He was so attentive and always asked if it was okay before doing anything, really showing how much he respected that I am a thinking human being.

He was such a great guy, but lately he’s been more and more neglectful and dismissive, almost as if I’m not a fully autonomous, rational, and deliberative sweet young lady. I mean, he’s constantly going out with friends and ignoring me, and only calling when he needs or wants something. And, like, I know he’s not acting as he would if he willed it to be universal law, because, like, if I did this to him, he would get so pissed. He’s even started lying to me lately. Not a lot, and I think it’s always for, like, a really good reason. I mean, sometimes I can get pretty mad and the consequences of telling me the truth might be, like, really bad, so he’s been weighing them against the harms of lying. Like what the hell? You and I both know that’s, like, literally never okay. I mean, what do consequences, like, even matter anyway??

Anyway, Kant, I just want your advice. I feel like I’m being used as mere means (and who does he think he is calling me irrational when he’s doing that?). I just don’t think this is how a fully rational being ought to treat a girl. I mean, I have feelings, but, like, not like dogs or cats have feelings. Please write back soon.


Sad Rational Girlfriend

p.s. The Groundwork is a breeze to read. Can’t wait for the sequel!!