Michael Bogan
Jul 30, 2018 · 1 min read

Thanks, Chelsea! You make a really good point. If a bunch of new devs write some crappy code for an insurance company that break, then they just fix it and no one really notices. But smart contracts — and DAO-sasters (I’ll do my best to help spread that term!) — are another story. Still, inevitably, the masses of programmers will come. I guess I have faith that smart people will step in with ways to make this work. Better audits? Better languages (I hear Maker is working on something around this)? Certifications? Very tough interviews? Some other middleware I can’t think of but that helps to protect us from poor code? AI that writes, tests, and audits its own code? I’m not sure.

    Michael Bogan

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    25 years of startups, launching products, and software architecture. Based in Indiana.

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