Visual Spring Cleaning Tips For 2019

Mike Bolger
Apr 10 · 3 min read
Visual Spring Cleaning Tips For 2019

So, it’s the spring and the time when we get down on our hands and knees to scrub our home top to bottom. Avoid the spring-washing blues. Put the duster down and make a visual difference to your home. Remember that feeling when you just moved in? It’s like a new car smell. Everything had its place, décor was new and you had just what you needed. Find that house again! It’s merely a change of mindset, appear beyond the mop to the tasks that will transform your home for the entire season.

Follow these spring-cleaning hacks to a cleaner, brighter home:

Seasonal Plants:

Replace all winter houseplants with fresh plants from a local farmer’s market. Fresh vegetation helps to improve the circulation of oxygen in your home. This will help attract fresh spring-like air flow.

Remove the Extras:

In the spring, it’s the best time to place all these heavy materials like heavy throw blankets, seasonal toss pillows, and decor in storage. The fewer patterns and textures around can make you are feeling fresh and clean.

Create More Space For Kids:
A great idea to give your kids more space is to buy bed risers. This will be perfect for producing an under-the-bed storage space. You can store things like books, toys, sneakers, and any heavy items that might otherwise mess their room.

Sort Your kitchen Cupboards:
Evaluate your kitchen cupboards! Check expiry dates and the condition of the food. Package up canned foods that you have used in over 90 days. Be kind and donate them to your neighborhood food bank. An arranged pantry creates much-needed space.

Seasonal Style Check:

Time to pack those winter shoes, coats and purses. It is recommended that you take them out of your closet and place them in storage. If you are holding onto clothes that used to fit, donate them. Stop buying new clothes until you make space for them. Practice eliminating an item for a new item.

Clear Out The Mess:

What exactly are the locations in your house that attract the most clutter? Identify your clutter magnets and choose one per weekend to de-clutter.

To de-mess, extra empty items into four piles called: keep, hand out, dispose of and store. If you can’t remember the last time that you used something, eliminate it! Sort through all your items in a pile and keep things that you genuinely want. Make a basket for every person in your family so they have a spot to dump their things.

After all your hard work, step back and soak in the clean space of your refreshed real estate. When your close friends come over, they’ll be sure to require the name of the washing service you used!

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