Touchdesigner Flocking Research

This is a collection of demos and github resources that are related to boid flocking systems.

This is a web article that has an interactive simulation that runs in the web. It also breaks down the basics of logic of boids and how they function. All behavior is driven by local interactions but through this large scale patterns and motion is created.

A video showing a flocking system combined with the leap motion in touchdesigner. It lacks a reference to the flocking algorithm they are using to drive this.

This is a github project for Unity which showcases multiple implementations of different flocking systems, both CPU and GPU based. It is a great reference and tool to use and can be easily placed into you Unity projects. Pretty impressive that it is all happening inside of a shader.

Referenced Articles

Flocking articles and references I came upon.

Touchdesigner object avoidance

Touchdesigner GPU flocking

Boids with Sops