This is an interesting point.
Angus Hervey

Leap frogging means that the timelines in some ‘developing’ countries will likely be shorter than those in ‘developed’ countries. So, for example, drone delivery of blood supplies to hospitals is already well established in one or two central African countries. Provided by an American company — but tried first in Africa where the need is greater and complex legislative restrictions don’t exist. Certainly, in the world’s largest car market, China — the government has demonstrated it is more open to innovation than the special interest-ridden systems in OECD countries. There is also pollution to consider. The benefits from electrification of transportation are typically NIMBY — and very attractive to urban governments, such as that of Shanghai for example. It is already experimenting with AI on its urban train network — in order to reduce both accidents and delays. And, applying that forward looking attitude to regulation of vehicles on the roads isn’t a big step.