Trump’s worldview emerges

Trump’s hectic first week has shocked, stunned and sucked up every ounce of media attention globally.

But, the outlines of a coherent approach and worldview are coming into focus. Much of it isn’t pretty, and it is a hell of a break from the post-WWII liberal consensus (and long-standing US ideals) but it is worth trying to assess objectively.

  1. He is dismantling the US-led international, rules-based system.
  2. In this new, trade- and security-pact free world, the US is going to look out for itself and only itself.
  3. Other rising powers — China, Russia, Japan — can do what they want as long as the US has the top hand in trade deals.
  4. Ditto for Europe.
  5. US innovation — the primary disruptor of the ‘world order’ is going to be accelerated. (Michael Dell, Ford’s boss Mark Fields, and Tesla’s Elon Musk were appointed to a WH industry advisory panel.)
  6. The next wave of US innovation — self-driving cars — is going to destroy economies (car and oil companies) and overturn countries. (Bye, bye Germany, Arab oil Sheiks, real estate values globally.)

So, Trump is shaping up not just as a vulgar, illiberal trampler of US values, but also as a world-changing revolutionary. His policies will bring about reductions in emissions of greenhouse gasses that Greens couldn’t even dream of. Fidel, if still alive, would be eating his heart out.

Would these revolutions have come about sans Trump? Most likely — but he is accelerating them dramatically. Trouble is, massive changes like the ones he is empowering, are rarely non-violent. It normally takes a global armed struggle for such re-orderings to be cemented in place. Hold on to your hats! We’re in for a wild ride. (As for Australia — we’re just roadkill. Just as we were when the British Empire faded into history. Smaller nations, like Oz, will have to scramble for safe niches in this new unstable world order.)