Why Are The Liberals So Reactionary?

One of the more interesting aspects of this most divisive of political periods is the incredible dimness and resistance to change, of the ‘liberal elites’.

They are behaving in an extraordinarily reactionary, authoritarian, classist, and, yes, racist, way. Instead of intelligently taking into account the various technological and social developments, reflecting on their unjustified moral arrogance, authoritarianism, and many grievous and lamentable policy errors, they simply demonize and abuse those who support Trump.

Now, Trump himself is an appallingly weak character — a blunt instrument as Bannon is reputed to have said. But, the political rebellion he is failing to lead effectively is real. Day to day, hour to hour, the liberal elites, particularly in the MSM, are beating all of us over the head with an ideologically determined agenda — a version of truth that is even further away from the reality of the facts than Trump’s version.

We are at a significant transition point — from the print culture which has been with us for 500 years — to the digital culture, which will determine the future for an unknown number of centuries to come. This transition from the Print Age to the Digital Age is remaking everything: it is the type of fundamental change our societies haven’t experienced since the dawn of printing in 1432.

The print age boosted the second half of the Renaissance, drove the Enlightenment, the first industrial revolutions, and created the modern world, with its widely dispersed systems of (near democratic) government. It created mass education, thus dismantling the iniquities of feudalism, slavery, and the subjugation of women.

Now, the digital age is reshaping how we store knowledge, how we access it, how we learn, how we create wealth, and how we communicate.

This has already created new economies — fundamentally different to those that existed in the age of print.

The rise of the digital lords on the US west coast is a more significant development than the rise of the railroad ‘robber barons’ in the 19th century.

We are moving from an economy based on moving molecules to one where we move electrons — and soon photons.

Yet, the blustering reactionaries in the MSM are clinging to the Marxist-based ‘verities’ of a 19th Century, post-Christian, period. They still think the nation state — an invention just four centuries old — is the focal point of all power (or even a global govt!), and that centralizing all power in bureaucratic national governments is somehow morally superior to decentralized, open, digital relationships. The moral hysterias they promote — a classic imperialist tool — are now largely irrelevant.

The digital revolution is just beginning — and there are going to be many more disturbances to come. Instead of constant reactionary ignorance and abuse (and lame attempts by Sanders/Corbyn et al, to re-ignite faith in the failed God of Socialism), it is time for those liberal elites to seriously rethink their positions and attitudes. Otherwise, the only option is to send the tumbrils for them. That may yet happen.