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People are complex! And at the same time we’re pretty simple, and while we all have basic needs to be met these are in a constant state of unpredictable flux. A human centred design approach to teams and leadership must embrace the changeable and fluid nature of human behaviour, which is often at odds with the ordered, controlled, measurable, outcomes driven model of how ‘work’ is designed. The tension in the space between known and unknown, controlled and uncontrollable, is exciting, this is where the magic happens – especially when working with people, or on self. Any leader can defer to tangible, impersonal metrics but a leader whose willing to play in that space between, to be vulnerable, to not have all the answers, to genuinely care enough about others to share their own imperfect humanity as you figure it out together, that’s a genuine leader of people. I reckon you might be doing better than you think ;)

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